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About Us

Hello loves my name is Shaniqua, I'm a Licensed Cosmetologist of 22 yrs, and Licensed Practical Nurse of 7 yrs. Incredible hair was created in 2018, with intentions to bring our customers hair of great quality. All things great are considered incredible. My hair stylist name is "Incredible Hands" this is how I decided on the name "Incredible Hair" The hair extension world is very saturated, there's tons of vendors and resellers who are selling hair, and most have no cosmetology education, so that leaves them to sale bad hair at a high rate. Which wastes your hard earned money. With that being said we decided to take our time searching for hair extensions of great quality. By thoroughly testing the quality of hair over 4 plus year time frame. Which also tests the longevity of the hair.. Lots of vendors we're thoroughly tested, until we discovered the best quality hair extensions. Incredible Hair is 100% Luxurious Virgin Hair. We only carry hair that comes straight from a young donor who's hair is unprocessed. Each strand is carefully selected to ensure that the cuticle remains intact and all cuticles align. All of the hairs run in the same direction, and maintains a soft, tangle free texture. We’ve built Incredible Hair to bring our customers the very best hair extensions. Along with quality cosmetics and apparel. Beyond beautiful hair, our mission is to provide the best hair, cosmetics and apparel to our customers  helping you look and feel your best. Our customers mean the world to us. We dedicate ourselves to being there for you holistically. Whether you need some hair, cosmetics, or a cute outfit. If you have any questions we’re always here for you. If you have any questions feel free to email brhodes@incrediblehairllc.com

"Our mission is to help our customers feel confident, and look incredibly gorgeous"😍💝