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Collection: FRONTAL WIGS

😍💜💙Incredible Hair's Frontal Wigs  are 100% INCREDIBLY LUXURIOUS VIRGIN HAIR & HD LACE.🔥🔥🔥 This lace is TOP TIER  of all Lace because it mimics your natural hair line, its lace is very clear, thin, the knots are small, it has elasticity and its soft. 🙌 The hard texture of other lace irritates the skin. When applied it looks very natural around your hair line, and is EXTREMLY UNDETECTABLE when fitted. It can be further customized to your personal specifications. By plucking the perfect hairline, parts, and customizing it to the color of your liking. Again Its 100% virgin hair, there's MINIMAL SHEDDING, TANGLE FREE making it EASY TO MAINTAIN. Sleep with a silk bonnet to reduce tangling and frizz.  INCREDIBLE HAIR's FRONTAL WIGS are CUTICLE ALIGHNED  along with small knots in our HD lace causing the hair breakage and split ends almost impossible. Our lace is INDESTRUCTIBLE and blends in perfectly with the scalp offering a long-lasting, REALISTIC INSTALL.🤗The lace wigs are customizable to match your preferences. Select your preferred length and texture to match your beauty desires.😍💜💙ALL ITEMS ARE PREPARED AND PACKAGED WHILE WEARING PROTECTIVE GEAR, GLOVES, GOWNS AND MASKS. ALL PRODUCTS ARE STRATEGICALLY DISINFECTED DURING THE  SHIPPING PROCESS